The new attractive NFT is coming!

Wearable NFT, You Can Wear

BRAND wear the NFT

Wearable NFT, You Can Wear

Do you own a piece of NFFT? Then, the owner of this bag is you.
The equity of the work is the brand equity. Check out the benefits.

NFFT Brand makes you stand out.
NFFT's Digital Luxury Bag is not an ordinary product.
It's the only NFT luxury brand that only the owner of the brand can have.


1. Fundrasing Session

Proceed with the purchase of the first NFT fund by an investment institution

2. Brand Display Show with exchange

Brand display show in cooperation with exchange

3. Brand Runway, NFFT

Brand runway progress

4. NFFT Digital Premium Mall Open!

A flagship store that allows only holders of NFFT to buy bags and exchange charms.

5. NFFT L Platform Open!

NFT Consulting Platform, MCN Influencer Partners and Pool.

Discovery of Value

NFT rarity & benefit

Check out the rarity and benefits of your own NFT now!

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NFFT Community

Visit the NFFT community and check out the latest announcements!


NFFT's engine technology is working to maximize art.

Investment Environment

We maintain the NFT brand value through private equity funds.


Participate in detailed business through reading whiltepaper.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is NFFT?

What is NFFT?

NFFT is a premium digital brand. NFFT Koala is the company's first edition. The issue of 10,000 NFTs connected to the bag charm. The artisan and NFFT, who have been making premium products for forty years, strive to deliver specially-made bags to all those who participated in the NFT Mint. Having an NFFT prevents fake goods and helps protect your value. The Black Shopper Bag & Charm, NFFT's first edition of the Digital Luxury Bag, marks the beginning of a new "real brand" luxury..

Launch Date

Launch Date

May 23, 2022.

Total Supply

Total Supply

10,000 NFTs

Mint & Sale Price

Mint & Sale Price

DWhitelist : 0.06 ETH / Mint Price : 0.09 ETH / Public Sale Price : 0.2 ETH

How to get the shopper bag & charm and NFT?

How to get the shopper bag & charm and NFT?

WL (Only for 200 members) Twitter NEXT 100 LIKE, RT, COMMENT and join the discord will receive a Brand First Edition Shopper Bag&Charm and WL of NFT.

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